Most Beautiful Castles in Italy | 4K Travel Guide

Most Beautiful Castles in Italy | 4K Travel Guide

Explore the enchanting world of Italian castles in our thrilling video!

From magnificent medieval fortresses to splendid Renaissance residences, we’ll information you thru a collection of Italy’s most stunning castles.

Admire the imposing Castle of Fénis and the mysterious Castel del Monte. Discover the allure of Castel Sant’Angelo and the majestic ambiance of Rocca Calascio.

Immerse your self in the magic of the Middle Ages with the Scaligero Castle in Malcesine and the Scaligera Castle in Sirmione.

Don’t overlook to go to the picturesque Aragonese Castle in Ischia and the enchanting Miramare Castle with its breathtaking view.

Explore the wealth of medieval castles in Italy, together with the Bardi Castle and Castel dell’Ovo.

Don’t miss the spectacular Sforzesco Castle and the distinctive ambiance of the Bard Castle.

Discover the class of the Estense Castle and the enchantment of the Brisighella Castle. Daydream in the romantic Castelvecchio in Verona and immerse your self in the magic of fairytale castles in Italy.

Don’t miss the chance to discover these architectural wonders that make Italy a treasure trove of distinctive castles in the world.

Let us know in the feedback what you consider these castles and which one is your favourite!

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00:00 Introduction
01:36 Sforzesco Castle, Milan
02:25 Sirmione Castle
03:07 Castel Del Monte
03:55 Malcesine Castle
04:33 Castel dell’Ovo
05:12 Rocca Calascio
05:55 Miramare Castle
06:41 Castel Sant’Angelo
07:37 Brisighella Castle
08:26 Estense Castle, Ferrara
09:21 Rocca Albornoziana
10:11 Otranto Castle
10:51 Ursino Castle, Catania
11:35 Ruffo Castle, Scilla
12:10 Aragonese Castle, Ischia
12:47 Fénis Castle
13:30 Bard Castle
14:16 Barletta Castle
15:00 Torrechiara Castle
15:45 Castelvecchio, Verona


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